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Pussy on the House
; runs thru: 3/20
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Ryan Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans present the original cast in "Pussy on the House"

In 2004 the Gold Dust Orphans took their first stroll through the South (and Tennessee Williams) when they presented their own twisted take on "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". However, since the Orphans, at that point in 2004, had yet to become a household name among Boston's artistic elite, (a sad fact that has since been remedied) many friends and fans have now requested the play's resurgence.

All the characters are back and ready to return to life! ... Brick Pollup, the tragic ex T.V. star, his gorgeous yet frustrated wife, Maggie the Cat, Big Mamma Pollup, owner of the richest polyester plantation this side a' Shanghi, who along with her lesbian lover Aunt Sukie, a whirlwind mess of tears and joy wrapped in lavender chiffon, is "only lookin' for a little peace and quiet." ... There's Mae and Gooper and Brick's ex partner, Skipper ... and you guessed it, "a whole mess a' no neck monsters".

... But mostly there's the story. William's brilliant, heartbreaking story, (sent through The Gold Dust Orphans glitter filled strainer of course!). It's the same story of love unrequited, the same story of greed and avarice. The theme may be as old as time and yet none can deny that "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" remains full to the brim with life's most valuable lessons. The kind hard learned by those who dwell in William's story and here ... within Big Mamma's house. ... For this too, is a house filled to the rafters with mendacity.

The show is better than ever of course, with bigger costumes, glossier sets and an some exciting new twists within the story! The original cast has reassembled, the book has been dusted off and now we bring you one of the finest theatrical events of this or any other winter season.

Won't you join The Gold Dust Orphans in their celebration of this award winning classic before it disappears forever?